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Homework Due 10/20 – A Day

Period 1A, 2A & 4A:

Due 10/20

  1. If you did not complete the entrance slip in class, please finish for homework
    1. What did Roosevelt pledge to accomplish in the Square Deal? Describe the Square Deal and provide examples.
    2. How did Theodore Roosevelt fight corruption in business. Explain and provide examples.
    3. What steps did Roosevelt take to protect the environment? Were his efforts successful? Provide evidence and support.
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Homework Due 10/12 – A Day

Periods 1A, 2A & 4A:

Due 10/12: Corruption in Government and Election Reform

*most, if not all, of this should have been completed in class

  1. Read pages 534-535 (of use handout)
  2. Create a graphic organizer (or use one from the back of the room)
  3. Answer #1-2 using complete sentences, details and examples from the text, and your content vocabulary.

Graphic Organizers: Web or  Problem – Solution