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Homework Due 10/12 – A Day

Periods 1A, 2A & 4A:

Due 10/12: Corruption in Government and Election Reform

*most, if not all, of this should have been completed in class

  1. Read pages 534-535 (of use handout)
  2. Create a graphic organizer (or use one from the back of the room)
  3. Answer #1-2 using complete sentences, details and examples from the text, and your content vocabulary.

Graphic Organizers: Web or  Problem – Solution 

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QOTD #2: What role should the government play in the daily lives of individuals?

Consider this: How involved should the government be in domestic policy issues? What is the role of the government?  Was Hobbes correct? Locke?

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The pen is sometimes mightier than the sword.

“It may be a cliché, but it was all too true for journalists at the turn of the century. The print revolution enabled publications to increase their subscriptions dramatically. What appeared in print was now more powerful than ever. Writing to Congress in hopes of correcting abuses was slow and often produced zero results. Publishing a series of articles had a much more immediate impact. Collectively called MUCKRAKERS, a brave cadre of reporters exposed injustices so grave they made the blood of the average American run cold.”

Muckrakers Text