Habits of Work HOW

Work Habits

The rubric below highlights expectations for student participation in Contemporary America. The habits of work are behaviors and dispositions that support college and career-readiness.  Academic achievement and work habits are both important for all students.

Grit: The qualities that embody the character trait of grit include perseverance, positivity, resilience, and optimism.

Initiative: A student who demonstrates initiative  displays a spirit of collaboration, a willingness to participate, and an attention to attendance.

Self-Management: Self-management is a skill that, when mastered, is exhibited in a student’s ability to act responsibly, demonstrate reliability, be self-directed, present a high level of preparedness, and show a willingness to accept and meet deadlines.  


Does Not Meet


Partially Meets


PUNCTUALITY   Arrives late, without materials  Arrives on time; has all materials but is not ready to start  Arrives on time; has notebook, assignments, writing utensil and is ready to start
WORK ETHIC  Distracts others; talks to others instead of working; is reminded several times to get to work; does not use creative problem solving and critical thinking skills  Quiet, daydreaming; eventually may get to work; demonstrates lapses in using creative problem solving and critical thinking skills  Remains on task without reminders; works quietly and efficiently using notes and handouts; consistently demonstrates creative problem solving and critical thinking skills
INITIATIVE Has difficulty starting to work; does not use effective communication strategies; does not ask for help; does not participate  Rarely participates; demonstrates lapses in effective communication strategies; starts work when reminded; seldom asks for help  Volunteers to answer and ask questions; consistently uses effective communication strategies; will help others; knows what needs to be done and does it
ORGANIZATION Does not bring notebook, assignments, or agenda  Brings notebook to class but does not have notebook up to date; does not bring assignments; has agenda but does not uses it Notebook is organized; has assignments; has agenda and uses it to record all homework
TEAMWORK Interrupts, distracts, or disrupts others;difficult to work with; demonstrates little to no respect  for individual and personal boundaries Does little to participate; lets others do the work; has lapses in respect to individual and personal boundaries  Demonstrates cooperation, respect, and leadership; consistently respects individual and personal boundaries