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Homework Due 1/26 – A Day

Periods 1A, 2A & 4A:

Due 1/26:

  1. Read and annotate Chapter 12 Section 1 “America Struggles with Postwar Issues” pages 413-418.
  2. Compete Cornell Notes for each subheading: Post War Trends, Fear of Communism, Limiting Immigration, A Time of Labor Unrest
    1. summarize the main idea of each section (stop and jot) – have 4-5 bullets for each section or 1-2 sentence summary
    2. identify key terms and individuals
  3. Answer #3-5 on page 418
  4. Be prepared for a quiz at the end of class on Friday
    1. feel free to study using tools like Quizlet – LOOK there is already a Quizlet made for Section 1 “Post War Struggles”

Additional Resources: Here are some educational video clips that support the text