Academic Support

When: Academic support in Contemporary America is available every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2:35-3:35 (usually 4:00)

Where: In my room – 204

When: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (busses are provided on Wednesday and Thursday). I am also available during RTI time (after period 2) every Monday-Friday.

I am available most days after school (excluding Mondays). As stated in the Student/Parent Handbook, “[if a student] falls behind in their work, especially due to absence, failure to use time wisely, or failure to do homework, the teacher may assign those students to AS. When assigned AS by a teacher the student will report to the classroom [after school] and work under the supervision of the teacher until the work is completed…Failure to report to AS may result in an office referral and disciplinary action” (27).

AS is essential to help students stay on track for graduation, develop in-depth content knowledge, hone their skills and help facilitate effective time management and work ethic strategies.