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The University of North Carolina Writing Center  – Thesis Statements

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How to create a CMS/Chicago bibliography – Purdue University Online Writing Center (OWL)

Sample CMS/Chicago paper – Purdue University Online Writing Center (OWL)

Bibme – cite your sources in CMS/Chicago (make sure to manually enter missing information)

Citation Machine –  cite your sources in CMS/Chicago (make sure to manually enter missing information)

Quarter 1 Essay: How did 9/11 impact the foreign and domestic policies of the United States?

Quarter 2 Essay Options:

  1. Expository/Cause and Effect: How did technology introduced in the 1990s change American culture and the consumer market place (economy)?
  2. Persuasive/Critical: Is outsourcing good for the U.S. economy?
  3. Expository: In what ways did the American government deal with increasing foreign economic competition in the 1990s?
  4. Expository: What role did the United States play in resolving global conflicts during the 1990s?
  5. Compare and Contrast: In what ways did Operation Desert Storm (1991) differ from Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003)? In what ways were they similar?
  6. Expository/Cause and Effect: How did events, economics, and policies of the 1990s fundamentally change American society?
  7. Persuasive/Critical: Who was the most successful president of the last 28 years (Obama, G.W. Bush, Clinton, G.H.W. Bush)? What social, political, and economic programs made them successful?
  8. Free Choice: This question must be related to class content, and the question MUST BE OKAYED by me before writing.

Quarter 3 Essay: Has media had a positive of negative impact on the political process?