Notes and Handouts

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SEMESTER 1 (Quarter 1 and Quarter 2):

Unit 0: Observations and Inferences 

NOTES: #0 “A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words


Unit 1: Industrialization and Urbanization (1900s)

UNIT OUTLINE: Unit #1 Industrialization, Urbanization & Immigration

NOTES: #1 Industrialization and Urbanization: Technology and Labor

NOTES: #1 Immigration


Unit 2: Progressivism 

UNIT OUTLINE:#2 Progressivism

NOTES: #2 Progressivism – Introduction

NOTES: #2 Progressivism – Reforms

NOTES: “#2 Progressivism – President T. Roosevelt”

NOTES: “#2 Progressivism – Wiliam Howard Taft”


NOTES: “#2 Progressivism – Woodrow Wilson”


Unit 3: America & The World: Imperialism 

UNIT OUTLINE: Unit #3 Imperialism

NOTES: #3 Imperialism: Introduction & Spanish-American War

NOTES: U.S. Territories (Ms. Leach’s notes)


Unit 4: World War I


NOTES: #4 World War I: MAINE Causes (slides 1-28)

NOTES: #4 World War I: War Begins (slides 29-59)

  • CRITICAL READING: “5 Things You Should Know About WWI” 5-4-3-2-1

NOTES: #4 World War I: America Enters the War (slides 60-78)

NOTES: #4 World War I: Impact on Homefront (slides 79-112)

NOTES: #4 World War I Ends: Will There be Peace? (slides 113-147)


SEMESTER 2 (Quarter 3 and Quarter 4):


Unit 5: Post WWI – The 1920s

TEXTBOOK: Ch 12 & Ch13 Politics and Life in the Roaring 20s GLOSSARY: Vocabulary A-Z

NOTES: #5 The 1920s: Post WWI (slides 1-21)

NOTES: #5 The 1920s: Harding (slides 22-27)

NOTES: #5 The 1920s: The Business of America (slides 22-41)

NOTES: #5 The 1920s: Life in the 20s & the Jazz Era (slides 43-65)

REVIEW: The 1920s


Unit 6: The Great Depression 

NOTES: #6 The Great Depression – Causes

NOTES: #6 The Great Depression – Urban v. Rural

VIDEO: “America the Story of US: the Bust” (0:00-29:00 minutes)

VIEWING GUIDE: “America the Story of US: the Bust” #1-3

CRITICAL READING: “1929: From Boom to Bust” 5-4-3-2-1

PHOTO ANALYSIS: Photo Analysis Work Sheet

LITERATURE: The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck (Chapter 19)

NOTES: #6: The Great Depression – Hoover Fails

VIDEO: The President Series #31 Herbert Hoover

REVIEW: Hoover Fails #1-4

NOTES: #6: The Great Depression – FDR’s New Deal

VIDEO: The President Series #32 President Franklin D. Roosevelt


Quarter 3 Exam:

Study Guide: Unit #5 The 1920s & Unit #6 The 1930s


Unit 7: World War II

NOTES: #7 WWII – 1930s Fascism

VIDEO: The Ducktators (1942)

NOTES: #7 WWII – Isolationism

WORKSHEET: #7 “The Players and Their Games” World Leaders and Nations 1938

NOTES: #7 WWII – Europe

NOTES: #7 WWII – Pearl Harbor

NOTES: #7 WWII – The Pacific/Defeating the Japanese

NOTES: #7 WWII – The Homefront

VIDEO: TED Talk “Why I love a country that once betrayed me”George Takei (Japanese Internment Camps)

VIDEO: Donal Duck der Nazi

VIDEO: Private SNAFU – Spies (1943)

HANDOUT: #7 “Types of Propaganda”

NOTES: #7 WWII – The Manhattan Project 

ARTICLE: “The Man Who Survived Two Atomic Bombs”

NOTES: #7 WWII – Post War


Unit 8: Civil Rights Movement – History

NOTES: #8 Civil Rights: History 1863-1955

VOCABULARY: #8 Civil Rights – History

WORKSHEET: “Emmett Till Revisited” 5-4-3-2-1

VIDEO: “The Murder of Emmett Till” (PBS)

WORKSHEET: Video Viewing Guide The Murder of Emmett Till


Unit 9: Civil Rights – Nonviolence 

NOTES: #9 Civil Rights: Nonviolence 1955-1970

VOCABULARY: #9 Civil Rights – Nonviolence


Unit 10: Civil Rights – Any Means Necessary (MLK v. Malcolm X)

NOTES:#10 Civil Rights – Any Means Necessary

VENN: #10 MLK v. Malcolm X

VIDEO: MLK: “I Have a Dream”

VIDEO: Malcolm X: “Black Nationalism”


Unit 11: Crash Course on the Cold War

NOTES:#11 The Cold War


Unit 11: The Vietnam War: History

NOTES:#11 The Vietnam War: History 1883-1960

TIMELINE: #11 History of Vietnam 1883-1960

MAP: Outline map of South East Asia, #11 Map directions/list of locations to identify

REVIEW: #11 Vietnam: Timeline and Geography #1-2

CRITICAL READING: #11 “1964: The Vietnam War” 5-4-3-2-1


Unit 12: The Vietnam War: Escalation/US Involvement

NOTES:#12 The Vietnam War: Escalation/US Involvement 

VOCABULARY: #12 The Vietnam War


Quarter 4 Exam:

Study Guide: Unit #8 The Civil Rights Movement: History 1863-1955, Unit #9: Civil Rights Movement: Nonviolence 1955-1968, Unit #10: Civil Rights Movement




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