QOTDs Semester 1 2017-2018

QOTDs Semester 2 2017-2018

Quick-write Of The Day

QOTD requirements: all QOTDs must include all of the following

1.Write the date at the top of the page
2.Write the question/quote and QOTD # at the top of the page
3.Interpret the meaning of the quote and/or assess your position on the statement/question
4.Organize your thoughts – brainstorm ideas, web, T-chart, list, outline
5.Answer the question/respond to the quote in complete sentences
6.Use short essay format (introduction, body, conclusion):

*Must be paragraph format

Introduction  – hook and thesis

  • thesis addresses all parts of the question
  • thesis sets up the argument
  • thesis addresses the targeted skill

Body  – main points and supporting evidence

  • examples, reasons, and evidence are clearly appropriate
  • uses substantial outside information to support or prove thesis/argument
  • includes supporting examples, details, evidence, facts, prior experiences, statistics, etc. to support your thesis/argument
  • smooth transition/progress of ideas

Conclusion  – summarization

  • concluding sentence, restate your position, call to action, ramifications, caution

7. Proof read and complete the “QOTD checklist”

  • Is your thesis/argument clearly stated?
  • Is your response focused?
  • Is your position well supported by evidence/outside information?
  • Do your examples support your thesis/argument?
  • Have you incorporated higher-order vocabulary?
  • Did you answer the question?
  • Check your sentence structure and grammar

8.Be prepared to participate

*If you have writer’s block/brain freeze just write…something…anything